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How do I qualify?

That extensive range of properties for rent is wonderful, but how do you qualify? We’re happy to explain this to you. Of course you would like to know first which properties you can choose from. You will find the available properties on our ‘Properties for rent’ page. Because a large number of homeowners have selected the services of Solide Verhuur, we renew our range of properties for rent almost weekly.

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Rental procedure

First of all, we are really pleased that you are interested in a property from the Solide Verhuur properties for rent. This is our procedure.

Step 1: keep an eye on our properties for rent

Please keep an eye on the available range of offers via the Solide Verhuur website. Our ‘Housing on offer’ page is renewed almost on a weekly basis. Would you like to remain up to speed with the current range of offers, but you do not feel like refreshing our website all the time? We understand that. Please subscribe to our newsletter, and then we will keep you informed. As soon as we have new accommodation(s) available, you will automatically receive an email in your inbox. That might come in handy!

Step 2: respond to an property

Have you seen a property you like? Then register for a viewing via the ‘Register for a viewing’ button. You will arrive at our registration form. Fill in your data here, so we will be able to get to know you better a bit already. For example, we would like to know who you are, how old you are and how we can reach you. We would also  like to know whether you have a job or are still studying and the level of your income, so we can be sure you will be able to pay the monthly rent.

Then you can immediately schedule your viewing. Viewings take place at fixed times. At what time this will be, you will read in the advertisement.

Step 3: viewing and introduction

During the viewing, you will get a tour by our rental agent and you will be introduced to Solide Verhuur. The rental agent can tell you everything about the property and about all things that have to do with renting. This also is your opportunity to ask us your pressing questions.

Step 4: taken a fancy? Let us know.

After the viewing, are you sure this should be your home? Then send an email, in which you indicate that you would like to be the new tenant of the property. We will let you know whether you are the lucky one as soon as possible.

Didn’t you qualify? No need to worry, we have many more nice properties for rent. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to speed or keep an eye on our ‘Properties for rent’ page.

Step 5: deliver your data

Congratulations! You are going to rent a property via Solide Verhuur. Before you sign the rental contract, we would like to receive some supplementary data from you. If you are studying, for example, we need a certificate of registration and a written guarantee from your parents or guardians. Do you have a job? Then we would like to receive your last three salary slips. If your gross income is less than €2,200 a month, we also need a written guarantee. That way, we are sure you will not run into trouble. And are you still not 18 years old? Then you need permission from a parent or guardian to sign a rental contract with the owner. After you have indicated you are interested in the property, you will receive a second registration form from the rental agent by email.

Download – Tenant data form

Step 6: sign your rental contract digitally

If you comply with all conditions we proceed to signing the contract. This happens digitally. We will send you an email containing a link to the document. Once you have read the contract from A to Z and agree to the contents, you can sign it digitally. This saves you a trip to our offices and we can act more quickly. Ideal, isn’t it?

Step 7: delivery of your property and key transfer

And then the time has finally come: you get the key for your new home! Together with the Solide Verhuur rental agent, you go through the property. If necessary, we record the meter readings and see if everything in the property is satisfactory. If everything is as it should be, we transfer the key to you and warmly welcome you as a new tenant.

Are you now eager to reach this final step? Can’t wait? Then go and look at our properties for rent and who knows? We might soon welcome you in your new home!

Which role does Solide Verhuur play?

Solide Verhuur is a division of Solide Vastgoed Beheer. Property owners hire Solide Verhuur & Solide Vastgoed Beheer to let the process between you and the property owner run as smoothly as possible. We do that amongst others by taking over the practical rental matters. Examples of those are taking care of viewings, drafting and signing rental agreements, collecting the monthly rent and performing final inspections. Apart from that, we are your direct contact if you have any questions or wish to submit a (maintenance) report.

Solide Verhuur provides service to a variety of property owners: from companies with several housing estates to private property owners and everything in between.

Please note: Solide Verhuur and Solide Vastgoed beheer are not the owner of the property 

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