Frequently Asked Questions by tenants

Do you have a question about your housing benefit, the advance payments or the insurances you should take? Below we have made an overview of the frequently asked questions.

Housing benefit

Do I qualify for housing benefit?

Are you moving to a rental property? Then there is a chance that you can claim housing benefit. Since January 1, 2020, the maximum income threshold for housing benefit has been removed. Your rent, age and the composition of your household determine if you can claim housing benefit with your income. In any case you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum age of 18 years (maximum calculated monthly rent €442.46 up to 23 years);
  • Minimum age of 23 years (maximum calculated monthly rent €752.33);
  • You rent an independent property;
  • You are registered at the home address;
  • Your rental price isn’t higher than €752.33;
  • Your equity can’t be too high (€31,340 if you’re single, €62,680 with a partner).

Whether you can claim housing benefit depends on your household. For an immediate check, do the calculation of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Shared or independent accommodation;

What is the difference between an independent and a shared accommodation?

At Solide Verhuur we rent out both independent and shared rental accommodations. An independent accommodation is an accommodation with a private entrance, kitchen and toilet. When your house doesn’t have its own front door and you share the kitchen or the toilet with housemates, it’s a shared accommodation.

The advantage of an independent accommodation is that you can claim housing benefit. Please note: this does not apply to all independent accommodations. Also, you must meet certain conditions to qualify. Please inform yourself before applying to an accommodation, so you won’t be disappointed.

Why is there an advance payment on the service charges?

The advance payment on the service charges consists of several components, such as charges for the sewer service, a caretaker or cleaning common areas, and is different depending on the building. In your rental contract is stated what these service charges consist of. Every year, you will receive a settlement of service charges from us. There you will find if you are required to make an additional payment or if you get a refund, based on the expenses made during the past year.

Please note: are the costs higher than the estimate and are you required to make an additional payment at the end of the year? Then it is possible that the advance payment – and with that, your total rental price – will be higher the next year. This is because an advance is calculated based on the usage of the previous year.

Why is there an advance payment on the utility bills?

Gas, water and electricity – the utilities – are crucial elements to a household. The costs of the utilities depend on the usage. Naturally, we cannot estimate exactly how high your usage will be. This is why you pay an advance. At the end of the year we take a look at how much gas, water and electricity you have actually used. Is it more than we estimated? Then you will have to pay the remaining amount. Have you used less? Then you will get a refund.

Please note: is the usage higher and do you need to make an additional payment at the end of the year? Then it is possible that the advance payment – and with that, your total rental price – will be higher the next year. This is because an advance is calculated based on the usage of the previous year.

What happens when the property is delivered?

At last! You get the key to your new home! Together with the Solide Verhuur rental agent, you walk through the rental. If necessary, we record the meter readings and check the property again. If everything is in order, we give you the key and we warmly welcome you as a new tenant.

Should I register with the council?

Yes, you should. When you move, you inform the council where you will move to of your new address. You can do this any time between four weeks before, until five days after your move. The date you indicate as moving date counts as the moving date. If you inform the council later than five days after your move, you may be fined up to €325,-. An incredible waste of money, so be on time! Your new council automatically unregisters you with your previous council.

When you inform your new council of your move you will need the following documents:

  • Valid identification (Dutch identity card, passport, drivers’ license or a document for aliens)
  • Proof of residence (at Solide Verhuur this is your rental contract)

You can pass on the information directly at the municipal desk or online via MijnOverheid.

Which insurances should I take?

Accidents happen. This may be your own fault or someone else’s. It’s important to us that you feel safe and that you are well prepared for possible inconveniences. Therefore, if you wish to rent a property from Solide Verhuur, you are obliged to take the following insurances:

  • Liability insurance
  • Home contents insurance

With liability insurance, you are insured against damages that you inflict on someone else. This could be both material damage and personal injury. Please note that there are two types: for single people and for families. The coverage differs between insurance companies.

With a home contents insurance you protect yourself against damage to your household. Home contents are all items in your house and garden that can be moved without being permanently fixed. In case of fire or water damage to your house and/or your garden, you can make a claim with this insurance. The coverage of home contents insurance differs between insurance companies.

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